Secrets of successful highway drug interdiction pdf

Secrets of successful highway drug interdiction pdf
Drug Enforcement Association 2-time “Certificate of Recognition”, 2004 U.S. Secret Service “Certificate of Appreciation”, 2003 American Police Hall of Fame “Recognition for Meritorious Service”, 2002 Ohio State Highway Patrol “Criminal Patrol Award”, 2002 “Letter of Commendation” from the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 16 time recipient Ohio State Highway
Company. Interviewing and Survival Strategies (I.S.S) is the approach of Steven Varnell LLC, a professional training organization. We are a company on a mission to provide innovative training to all officers to assist them in their profession.
established and successful methods which have led to the discovery and seizure of millions of dollars in illicit drugs and drug currency. Approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the U.S. Department of Justice and
Hawkes is the author of Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction, an eBook which is available for purchase and download here, and is a “how to” for the street officer wishing to develop drug interdiction skills. Hawkes has been featured in The Dallas Morning News and TNOA Narcotic Officer’s Quarterly as well as many area newspapers and law enforcement Web sites.
Through thousands of narcotic interdiction arrests by skilled interdiction officers all over the country, we have read more… Below, I have outlined ten popular techniques that highway drug traffickers attempt to use in hopes that they will successfully get their dope to their destination.
5/05/2010 · I talk more about indicators and reasonable suspicion in my book, Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction. As always, stay safe and happy hunting. As always, stay safe and happy hunting. About the Author
Interdiction officers typically work a major highway that is a drug route. For example, in Texas, dopers travel southbound into the state from northern states carrying large amounts of cash for the dope purchase, either in Texas or Mexico, depending on where there connection is. This is what we refer to as the “money side” of the highway. Typically, they will leave the state traveling
Ccarrier Safety Administration/Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP). Mr. Chelf has been involved in over 40 significant commercial vehicle interdictions- in excess of 100 pounds of marijuana, 0k of U.S. currency or 10 pounds of cocaine as a result of ‘cold stops’ without prior intelligence. He has received over 700 hoursof highway criminal interdiction training from DIAP and

According to Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes, “After 17 years of highway drug interdiction, 500 felony arrests, 5,100 pounds in drug seizures, and over million (drugs, cash and vehicles), I have learned a lot of drug-busting techniques that I want to share with you.”
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the money provided to the DOD for drug interdiction may not be judiciously spent towards the most productive, long-term strategies. Before suggesting other possible methodologies for the DOD’s counterdrug effort,
Drug interdiction program funding has increased and, according to ONDCP officials, there has been no effort to compare performance of dif- ferent interdiction …
Description: Drug Interdiction Training Drug Interdiction Training is ranked 0 in the world (amongst the 40 million domains). A low-numbered rank means that this website gets lots of visitors.
The interdiction detail to which Candelaria was assigned was also selected the HIDTA Interdiction Detail of the Year for 2001 by Asa Hutchinson, Administrator for the Drug Enforcement Administration.
His book, Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction, which can be purchased here, contains eleven chapters on Highway Drug Interdiction. Tags Traffic Enforcement, Highway Patrol
for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drug Interdiction The Arkansas Highway Police Division of the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Depart- ment has been recognized for its success in commercial motor vehicle drug interdiction for the year 1999 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP). A plaue presented in August 2000 in …
13/01/2012 · Drug Interdiction training through LettC is among the best in the country and with the scenario-based presentation method used by Sam Candelaria, …
Highway interdiction. 2002 7:51 AM 4 Drug Interdiction Figure 1.3 to use the business community to assist law enforcement in identifying poten- tial violators who use legitimate businesses to facilitate the drug trade.1252_Book Page 4 Friday. as controversial as it is. much of the theory outlined in the text is similar to what the highway interdiction officer looks for during a highway

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The 2016 – 2018 Drug Interdiction, Disruption and Reduction Plan for the Ohio Department of Public Safety builds on the successes achieved since 2011 with the development of a new phase in
United States Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP). The following is an overview of Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction training available through DIAP.
conduct drug control operations in highway interdiction stops shows that Maryland. At the state level, the Maryland Maryland is a key transportation link in the
police department lists the telltale signs that drug interdiction officers shouldwatchfor–thatis,thefactorsintheprofile–whenobservingcars and drivers on the highway …
Drug Interdiction Report July 1 -December 31, 1993 fJCJRS DRUG INTERDICTION REPORT NOV 22 1994 IN1RODUCfION The drug interdiction report is a biannual review of interdiction …
success rates for search and seizure into the Fourth Amendment calculus. Drug Interdiction on the Highway, 101 MICH. L. REV. 651, 700 tbl. 14 (2002), yet that study also improperly assumes that all searches were based on probable cause without an adequate demonstration that reasonable-suspicion searches are excluded from the data set. Id. at 673. The San Antonio study Professor Minzner
Racial Profiling and Drug Interdiction on the Highway, 101 Mich L Rev 651, 738 & nn 278–82 (2002). For a careful definition of the term, see Mathias Risse and Richard Zeckhauser, Racial

This is a 16 hour specialized class for Street Crimes Units, Patrol Officers and Highway Interdiction Officers. If you make If you make traffic stops, this class will help you understand the benefits of pro-active police work.
The Drug interdiction Assistance Program – DIAP is a specialized unit of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration established in 1988. The program was established to assist law enforcement officials in the detection
INSTRUCTOR through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Sheriff Lewis was directly responsible for the training and educ ating of all Maryland State Police personnel in the Criminal and Drug Interdiction Programs. He pioneered the Drug Interdiction Program along Maryland’s notorious U.S. Rt. 13 corridor, where he coordinated many multi -jurisdictional investigations following

K9 Solutions Center offers a full range of seminars, including Police K9, Search & Rescue, Highway Drug Interdiction, Bloodhound Trailing, Police K9 Problem Solving, Decoy Schools, and more.
tremendous success using these techniques. Join him, as he wants to spread his Join him, as he wants to spread his there every day working the “ins and outs” of criminal interdiction.
The Texas Highway Patrol (Department of Public Safety) and a few local agencies have stepped up and bolstered their drug interdiction tactics dramatically in the Texas Panhandle corridor leading from Colorado in an area primarily North and West of Amarillo.
as a Staff Lieutenant in charge of the Highway Patrol’s highly successful Traffic Drug Interdiction Teams (TDIT). In addition, he served as a Lieutenant at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Training Academy for over 5 years where he was in charge of all Highway Patrol divisional related training. He is a graduate of the highly prestigious Southern Police Institute’s 12 week Administrative
areas of Highway Interdiction, Hidden Compartments & Drug Valuation. Retired from the Maryland State Police effective July 1 st , 2006, Mike Lewis was elected SHERIFF of Wicomico County, Maryland on November 7 th 2006.
15/04/2011 · A look inside the mind of a Drug Warrior “Highway Drug Interdiction Video #1” by Andrew Hawkes, Author of “Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction”
His book, Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction, which can be purchased here,, contains eleven chapters on Highway Drug Interdiction. If you haven’t already, be sure to like our Filming Cops Page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter .
lion in profits.4 Although the importance of drug interdiction as opposed to other counterdrug programs and activities may be debated, it is clear that this organization—JIATF–South—is a matchless operational success.
The mission of the Tennessee “Interdiction Plus” Initiative is to enhance regional highway interdiction operations; to disrupt and dismantle terrorist and criminal organizations operating within

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other successful drug interdiction efforts in southwestern Montana. These nine significant seizures indicate the thor-oughness of Trooper Amundson’s work product, as well as the team work phi-losophy. Additionally, he had forty eight misdemeanor drug arrests throughout the 2009 year. The felony arrests were turned over to the Missouri River Drug Task Force, DEA and ICE for further
LOUISIANA DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION Highway Interdiction and Drug Asset Forfeiture POST Certification Seminar December 2-4, 2009 – Crowne Plaza Lafayette – Lafayette, LA
piloting a drug interdiction program for the Florida Highway Patrol, Steven spent the next 27 years actively engaged in criminal interdiction. As an instructor, Steve has presented to police agencies throughout the country on courses regarding strategies of highway interdiction, officer safety, patrol, and interviews and interrogations. His years of street experience are conveyed in two recent
DWB: Driving While Black. For many African-Americans, simply having dark skin seems to be grounds for being pulled over on the highway and searched for drugs. Police call it “profiling,” based on years of successful drug interdiction through traffic stops, but angry and humiliated victims call it
Tip #3: “If you really want to be successful at highway drug interdiction then turn OFF your radar. DRUG HAULERS DON’T SPEED!” DRUG HAULERS DON’T SPEED!” In other words, most highway cops are looking for speeders, so don’t speed.

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Hawkes is the author of Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction, an e-book that can be purchased and downloaded here. More articles from this author: I Have Heroes – They Are Called Dispatchers
than drug interdiction, and 23 times more effective waste, the Drug Policy Alliance led a successful, precedent-setting campaign to redirect the funds to more sensible and cost-effective programs. In 2009, for the first time, California directed a total of 0 million in stimulus Byrne Grants to intensive probation, treatment-instead-of-incarceration programs and pilot re-entry courts. In
Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction. According to Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes, “After 17 According to Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes, “After 17 years of highway drug interdiction, 500 felony arrests, 5,100 pounds in drug seizures, and over
context of drug interdiction than it was in the earlier era. Although the United States knew little about the relative prevalence of saboteurs among Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans compared to other categories of Americans, there is a growing body of data on highway stops and searches that, theoretically, could illuminate racially differential rates of drug use and drug trafficking
Highway Drug Interdiction with Special Guest – Sergeant Andrew Hawkes, Collin County Sheriff’s Office (Texas), author of Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction.
Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes is the author of Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction. According to Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes, “After 17 years of highway drug interdiction, 500 felony arrests, 5,100 pounds in drug seizures, and over million (drugs, cash and vehicles), I have learned a lot of drug-busting techniques that I want to share with you.” His book, Secrets of Successful Highway
Steve authored six books; Criminal Interdiction, Tactical Survival, Behavior Analysis and Interviewing Techniques (BAIT), Statement Analysis – An ISS Course Workbook, and The Complete Interdiction and Survival Strategies, and Eliciting Effective Interviews and Interrogations, An ISS Course Guide.
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Andrew Hawkes Lt. Hawkes is a 23-year police veteran. In addition to his years of highway drug interdiction, Lt. Hawkes has worked in patrol, K9, investigations, narcotics, and administration.

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Location Presenter: Jermaine Galloway – Boise Police Department, Idaho (ret) / Tall Cop Says Stop Presenter: Mike Tamez; Agent – Kingsville Police Department, TX / El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC)
Highway Drug Interdiction Undercover Officer Survival Skills UAV Operations Criminal Intelligence/ Digital Forensics A division of the North Carolina National Guard Counterdrug Program. MANTA’s mission is to provide law enforcement training to local, state, and federal agencies throughout North Carolina at no cost. Our courses enhance agencies‘ capacity to target production, distribution
niques can yield large and small drug and other type arrests from traffic stops and other legal contacts with people of society regardless of age, sex, race, gender or any other class or desig- nation.
11/01/2008 · By Andrew Hawkes Author of Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction In today’s drug-smuggling world, highway drug traffickers are constantly attempting to think of new and innovative ways to conceal their contraband from law enforcement.
Highway, 101 Mich. L. Rev 651, 741 (December 2002) (“In practice, the value of the Equal Protection Clause as a remedy for discrimination in criminal investigations is deeply compromised by the near impossibility of proof.
A Rational Theory of Random Crackdowns such as speeding or drug interdiction, or screening to deter terrorism. For a variety of police objective functions, random crackdowns can be part of the optimal monitoring strategy. We demonstrate support for several implications of the crackdown theory using traffic data gathered by the Police Department in Belgium, and we use the model to estimate
to diminish their ability to do so. The previous emphasis on High Value Targeting (HVT) comes at the expense of drug interdiction, particularly cocaine interdiction, which …
last 15 years he worked as a Highway Drug Interdiction Officer and worked with Federal, State, and local agencies resulting in large seizures of contraband and currency resulting in numerous
20/10/2011 · Hawkes latest publication, Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction is a “how to” book for the street officer wishing to develop drug interdiction skills without all the complicated police jargon and terminology that goes with a lengthy and expensive training class. Sgt. Hawkes has been featured in The Dallas Morning News, TNOA Narcotic Officer’s Quarterly, many area …

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Introduction to Drug Trafficking using CMV County, FL., Contraband Interdiction Program Coordinator for the FL Highway Patrol, Chief Counterdrug Law Enforcement Liaison in the Department of Transportation Law Enforcement Div. where he retired at the rank of Major. Instructor Robert Lanese is a retired Florida Highway Patrol Trooper where he served as a Contraband Interdiction Officer
The Drug interdiction Assistance Program – Training in highway criminal interdiction tactics and techniques Advice on the use of discretionary funding Provide Technical assistance Since inception, members of the DIAP team have trained over 170,000 federal, state, and local officials in Commercial Vehicle drug and criminal interdiction tactics and techniques. Illicit drug seizures, impaired
Highway Patrol Troopers have seized over 0 million in narcotics and currency over the past 6 years. This training is designed to assist officers in learning the successful techniques and practices to “look beyond the traffic stop” and employ effective and efficient “Look beyond the traffic criminal patrol interdiction operations. the Narcotics Association of Regional stop
This is an advanced course in highway drug and criminal interdiction. It is designed for patrol officers at all levels of experience. It will be invaluable for narcotics investigators assigned responsibilities for post seizure/arrests initiated by patrol officers. Participants will be able to understand the fundamental and technical tactics, terminology, and problem areas of interdiction stops
Expert Drug Interdiction Training for local and government agencies is imperative if the war on drugs is to be successful Read More The Course The Drug Interdiction course offered by LeTTc provides classroom presentations and scenario-based drug training in the interception of narcotics.
Counter Drug /Interdiction This page is dedicated to Captain Robbie Bishop who was killed while conducting an interdiction stop. Captain Bishop was shot …
Highway Drug Interdiction & Seizure Drug Interdiction Teams. The State of Oklahoma has created several highway drug interdiction teams along I-35, I-40, and I-44.
drug task force or narcotics investigation. Some courses are designed for an expanded audience including elected and Some courses are designed for an expanded audience including elected and appointed officials, business and banking personnel, school and community representatives.
The Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT) program provides unique, tuition-free, courses covering all aspects of counterdrug law enforcement and training support for community anti-drug coalitions.

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